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Welcome to Web Fitness tools
by mdm on 2010-02-25 14:26:08.0
All of the tools are free to use but if you want your info to be saved for your next visit be sure to get a free account.
  • Fitness Log - Track your exercise routine and calories burn each day with the fitness log. This log will keep track of your fitness routine for the entire month and helps you monitor your progess.
  • Calorie Calculator - If you are counting calories this tool can help you. Great for counting carbs too. With the Calorie Counter you can keep a running list of what you ate during the day. The Counter tabulates the total calories and nutrients eaten based on the number of servings you choose.
  • BMR Calculator - How many calories a day does your body need? Find out with the BMR Calculator.
  • Measurement Tracker - Track your measurements with this tool. Hips, waist, bust, etc. There is a list of default items you can track. If you want to tack something not in the list you can easily add it.
  • New Feature : Measurement Tracker
    by mdm on 2010-09-28 22:51:37.0 (updated on 2009-03-13 03:27:29.0)
    New Feature : Measurement Tracker

    A new feature that will allow you to track various measurements was added 2009-03-11. It tracks many standard measurements such as weight, height, body measurements (hips, chest, etc).

    This new feature will also track user defined measurements. Things like "how many glasses of water a day did I drink". Or "when did I start getting sick and when did it stop". If you come up with any measurements that you think should be in the default set let me know and I will add them in.

    All measurements also have the capability of being graphed. This will allow you visually see what is happening to you. And you can gain insight in how your body works with how the various graphs relate to each other.

    This first release is a base feature set for tracking measurements. There are many new features coming soon.

    If you experience any problems or have any comments/suggestions please let me know.

    Enjoy! -- back to coding :)
  • New Feature : Nutrient tracking and graphs
    by mdm on 2010-07-04 20:31:16.0 (updated on 2010-04-18 23:19:38.0)
    This is a new feature on the Daily Total page. At the bottom of the page you will see "nutrient boxes" that will display your daily intake for nutrients. Each nutrient will have a link to a graph to display your nutrient intake for the past two weeks. This graph also displays the RDA for the nutrient and your average over the time period. Currently only 9 nutrients are listed. In the next revision you will be able to select from many more nutrients.

    Example of total nutrient box (graph link is inactive):
  • Fiber : 16g
    (64% of RDA) GRAPH

  • Here is an example graph :

    (note you need to be signed into your account to see the graph. If you do not have an account you can get a free one here)
  • The Truth About Diet Soda
    by mdm on 2010-07-04 20:24:13.0 (updated on 2008-12-30 21:26:44.0)
    An article entitled The Truth About Diet Soda explains that even though diet soda's are low in calories they can indirectly add to your weight. It turns out that consuming sugary-tasting beverages--even if they're artificially sweetened--may lead to a preference for sweetness overall. This means sweeter cereal, deserts and snacks. And sweeter typically goes hand in hand with calories.
  • Better tracking
    by mdm on 2010-02-25 14:26:08.0 (updated on 2010-02-25 14:27:54.0)
    For some reason I programmed things you can track (things like "weight", "waist measurement") to only save whole numbers. This meant you could never save something like your waist measurement as "32.5". I made a change that should allow the tracking of partial numbers -- so from now on you should be able to enter your measurements as decimals.

    If you experience any problems or have any comments/suggestions please let me know.

    Enjoy! -- back to coding :)
  • New feature : filter your food searches
    by mdm on 2009-10-17 17:30:39.0 (updated on 2009-10-17 17:40:07.0)
    There is a new feature that allows you to filter out your food searches. It is a drop down with the following options :
    • All foods in the food database
    • Exclude foods created by other users
    • Only foods I have created or added

    The last option of Only foods I have created or added is the most exciting of the three. Since most people have a fairly predictable diet this should really speed up adding foods. If you want to quickly find a food you have created or added just select this option and your results will quickly be weeded down to a manageable number :)

    (note you need to be signed into your account to use this last otpion. If you do not have an account you can get a free one here)
  • New Graph for viewing your weight
    by mdm on 2009-10-17 16:53:02.0 (updated on 2009-10-17 17:01:11.0)
    There is a new graph for displaying your weight loss/gain on the Daily Total page. This graph allows you tom compare weight you enter from weighing yourself to the weight calculated from the information entered into the Calorie Counter and the Fitness Log

    This graph works best if you are activity tracking your exercise and what you eat with the site tools. I have found that my weight may jump up and down a bit over time but it generally matches up with this graph.

    Here is an example graph :
  • New Feature : Weight graph
    by mdm on 2009-02-10 17:27:29.0 (updated on 2009-10-17 17:38:22.0)
    update : The weight graph and many other graphs are now avaiable in the Measurement Tracker -- if you want to see your weight graph go there, not in the upper right hand corner :)

    There is a new feature that will graph your weight change. The graph will appear in the upper right hand corner of the web page.

    (note you need to be signed into your account to see this graph. If you do not have an account you can get a free one here)
  • Fitness Myths Busted!
    by mdm on 2009-01-22 21:03:56.0 (updated on 2009-02-05 01:02:27.0)
    Ever wonder if :
    • Does lifting heavy weights make women bulk up?
    • Does exercise turn fat into muscle?
    • Do you burn more calories exercising in chilly weather?

    Find the answers to these questions and many more at Fitness Myths Busted!.
  • Gut Reaction: Overeating Can Impair Body Function
    by mdm on 2009-01-08 15:08:36.0 (updated on 2009-01-08 18:05:28.0)
    Nice read on NPR titled Gut Reaction: Overeating Can Impair Body Function

    "The holiday season is pretty much over. But is your body over the holiday season? For many people, indulging during these food-filled celebrations can set the stage for routine overeating."

    I can totally relate to this article. I think I put on 10 pounds since Thanksgiving. And I am changing my holiday habits now but I can feel my body resisting. Nice to hear I am not the only one that got a little extra from Christmas! ;)
  • Exercise Improves Old Brains
    by mdm on 2009-01-06 17:49:23.0
    From Exercise Improves Old Brains:
    "Starting at age 40, we lose about 5 percent of our brain volume per decade, but then at age 70 other conditions may start to accelerate the deterioration. As we age, our cells are less able to cope with stress from waste products such as free radicals."

    One more reason to keep active :)
  • Exercise : suffer less stress and be more productive
    by mdm on 2008-12-17 22:00:41.0 (updated on 2008-12-17 22:04:28.0)
    People who exercise on work days are happier, suffer less stress and are more productive

    I know this is true for me. When I run or bike is when I usual sort things out in my head. It makes it easier to concentrate and I feel more motivated. How about you?
  • Just do It
    by mountaingirl on 2008-12-07 00:46:05.0 (updated on 2008-11-26 18:51:45.0)
    Do you ever have days where you just don't feel like exercising? Rundown, sluggish, wonder what difference will it make anyway? Those days are common for most people. They also can be some of the most rewarding days to exercise. I know ...
  • Thanksgiving
    by mountaingirl on 2008-12-06 00:43:14.0 (updated on 2008-11-26 22:48:42.0)
    With the biggest eating holiday around the corner, some of you may be a bit stressed. Wondering how you can enjoy the holiday, the food, the drinks, without totally blowing all your hard work.

    Here are some suggestions ...
  • 13 Things You Never Knew About Your Weight
    by mdm on 2008-12-04 15:30:35.0 (updated on 2008-12-05 15:35:42.0)
    Found on dig : 13 Things You Never Knew About Your Weight
    Interesting! A few of the 13 that caught my eye :
    • Stress Fattens You Up
    • Cookies Really Are Addictive
    • Sleep More, Lose More
    • Achoo! A Virus Can Cause Obesity

    Check it out :)
  • Beginner's guide to running
    by mdm on 2008-11-14 15:59:31.0 (updated on 2008-11-14 16:02:30.0)
    I just read a nice article titled 'Beginner's Guide to Running'. I have been a runner for coming up on 15 years now and its one of my favorite ways to exercise. Once you get going its great -- but it can be a bit discouraging for new runners. The tips in this article might help you new runners get off on the right foot! ;)
  • New Feature -- recently added foods
    by mdm on 2008-11-13 21:04:11.0 (updated on 2008-11-13 21:17:33.0)
    There is a new feature to make adding foods easier. When you want to add foods check out the "recently added" section. This section now has a list of the foods you have recently added. You can now simply check the foods you want to add and save them all on one page. ...
  • Projecting your weight loss/gain
    by mdm on 2008-11-11 18:02:05.0 (updated on 2009-02-10 17:29:21.0)
    There is a new feature to project your weight for one month based upon the food and exercise data you entered for that day. To try it out enter in some foods and see the results.

    (note you need to be signed into your account to see this graph. If you do not have an account you can get a free one here)
  • Stretching: The Truth
    by mdm on 2008-11-07 16:28:00.0 (updated on 2008-11-07 16:29:53.0)
    An article on the New York Times states "If you're like most of us, you were taught the importance of warm-up exercises back in grade school, and you've likely continued with pretty much the same routine ever since. Science, however, has moved on. Researchers now believe that some of the more entrenched elements of many athletes warm-up regimens are not only a waste of time but actually bad for you." -- This makes me feel a bit better about never stretching! :)
  • Site upgrades -- feedback welcome
    by mdm on 2008-11-06 16:23:10.0 (updated on 2008-11-07 16:30:16.0)
    We have recently made a major upgrade to Web Fitness Tools. Many enhancements have been made and more are on the way. Any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us here.
    And stay tuned -- more updates on the way! :)

    You can keep posted on these updates in our site news blog.