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New Feature : Measurement Tracker
by mdm on 2010-09-28 22:51:37.0
New Feature : Measurement Tracker

A new feature that will allow you to track various measurements was added 2009-03-11. It tracks many standard measurements such as weight, height, body measurements (hips, chest, etc).

This new feature will also track user defined measurements. Things like "how many glasses of water a day did I drink". Or "when did I start getting sick and when did it stop". If you come up with any measurements that you think should be in the default set let me know and I will add them in.

All measurements also have the capability of being graphed. This will allow you visually see what is happening to you. And you can gain insight in how your body works with how the various graphs relate to each other.

This first release is a base feature set for tracking measurements. There are many new features coming soon.

If you experience any problems or have any comments/suggestions please let me know.

Enjoy! -- back to coding :)
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  • Measurement tracker
    by jasmyn on 2010-09-28 22:51:37.0
    Is there a way to turn off the automatic changes in the measurements? I would prefer to enter my actual measurements instead of having the site calculate estimated measurements.

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